Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Flood

While we were away, we had some friends watch our house and feed our animals. This should have been an easy arrangement. We should know by now that nothing is easy when it comes to home ownership.
Mid-way through the week, Jeff checked his phone and saw missed calls from Drew, who had been trying to contact us for about a day. When we final spoke to him, he revealed that there was a waterfall in our house behind the walls and the drywall was filling with water. He assumed that the water was coming from the roof since it had been raining constantly since we left.
A day or 2 later, we talked to Drew again and the walls had broken open and there was a waterfall in the bathroom leaking into the basement. Jeff instructed him to turn off the water and called a plumber to come to the house as soon as possible.
The culprit was a pin-hole leak in a copper pipe above the main floor bathroom. The plumber fixed the hole and stopped the leak. Unfortunately there was now a large hole in the bathroom ceiling, water all over the hardwood floors and a big water stain on the basement ceiling.
Soon after we arrived home and assessed the damage, we opened a claim with our insurance company. They sent a water-damage crew to dry out the areas. They brought in 2 very large and very noisy dehumidifiers. It took days to completely dry out the floor and ceiling. Thankfully, after the water was removed, the hardwood floors returned to their natural state so we don't have to have them fixed. The drywall will have to be replaced and the ceilings repainted.
While the walls are open, we are hoping to get some of the old copper pipes replaced so we don't have the same thing happen in the future.

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