Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Potty Training

Nathan is potty-trained!!!
It is quite a process potty training a toddler. In late August, Nathan moved up to the next classroom at school. In there, they work on potty training and independence skills. We figured since he was doing it at school we should do it at home as well. Labor Day weekend was our potty-training blitz. We knew we would be home for 5-6 days with very few outside commitments.
Day one started out with Nathan excited to wear big boy underwear and really excited to drink chocolate milk and juice for breakfast (lots of liquids = lots of potty opportunities). We went potty every hour with moderate success. About 3 hours into the process he had a big accident. I think then it sunk in. He was quite upset and didn't want to pee in his underwear after that. I can't say it was smooth sailing after that, but he was asking to go potty and was doing great.
As I said before, potty training is a process. There are times Nathan will go for days without a single accident then all of a sudden he will have 3 or 4 accidents in one day.
Overall we are very proud of our big boy for mastering the potty. I can't believe my little baby boy has achieved another milestone.
Nathan on the potty:

Big-boy underwear:

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