Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wisener's visit

Jeff's parents came for a visit to see the grandbabies. They were last here in February and had yet to see Norah. We had a wonderful visit. Jeff's mom got to hold little Norah as much as she wanted, which made her very happy. We had lunch one day with Jeff downtown (since he had to work the weekdays they were here). We also took the opportunity to get Norah's 4 week pictures taken (see photos below). We had those done at Portrait Innovations so we could take the pictures home that day the the Wisener's could take some home with them back to Texas. Of course we had to visit the mall, but because Norah already has a closet full of clothes, we refrained from buying any cute baby clothes.
It is inevitable that there will be flight delays and problems whenever we go to Texas or when the Wisener's come here and this time was no different. Texas had been having a drought (which is hard to believe since we have had so much rain here in KY). The day they flew here there was a massive storm in central Texas and their original flight was canceled. They were re-routed out of another airport and arrived in Louisville much later in the evening. The return flight was even worse. The day they were scheduled to leave, Louisville had another natural disaster - Flash Flood 2009 (yes, they named it, again!!). We had a huge rainfall on top of already saturated ground causing flooding throughout the city (6 inches of rain fell in one hour). Streets and highways were closed due to the flooding and many people had flooding in their basements and lost power (we were lucky). The disaster made the national news (again!) with the most damage occurring at U of L campus and to the Louisville Free Public Library downtown branch (over 1 million dollars in damage, tens of thousands of books destroyed). They finally got a flight out one day after their original plans and all was well.
Since they are now both retired, hopefully they will be able to come up more often to visit. Nathan had a great time with his Memaw and PaPa, showing off his toys and baby sister. It was a wonderful visit.

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