Monday, May 25, 2009

Home Inspection

Up to this point we have enjoyed living in an older home. It has character and isn't a cookie-cutter home like so many in newer sub-divisions.
Last week was the home inspection on our current home. We went into it thinking there wouldn't be much to do or fix since we have taken good care of our house. The home inspector didn't seem to think so.
There was quite a list submitted by the Buyer of things they wanted fixed. Some of the things were rediculous and petty. After a lot of back and forth negotiations, we finally came to an agreement on what we will do, although it means a lot more money out of our pockets than we had originally anticipated.
-- Radon Mitigation System installed
-- treat for carpenter ants
-- new High Efficiency furnace
-- have a plumber fix the vent from the water heater
-- have an electrician change some circuits and other miscellaneous issues

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kapjones said...

we had to do the radon thing for our house for our buyers before we moved. Talk to Darryll Spencer at church - he can give you the name of the company he likes.